Muro Bio-alcohol Fireplace


Sebastian D. Büscher

Add contemporary style to your residence or place of business with the Conmoto Muro Liquid Fuel Fireplace. This portable fireplace is perfect for a variety of locations - on the ground, in the garden or anywhere in the house. It combines modern elements with an efficient design; the Muro is constructed from stainless steel, reinforced concrete and glass - a minimalist piece of art!
It was the advent of bio-fuels which allowed these ideas to take shape. Bio-alcohol, is essentially non-food grade ethanol which burns without smoke, residue or odor, producing water vapor and carbon dioxide as a product of its clean combustion. Not requiring a vented chimney, bio-alcohol fireplaces frees fireplace designers from the vernacular of traditional fireplaces and allows the exploration of new forms and uses of fireplaces. 
$2300 - Small
$2800 - Large
  • Small: 22.8" H x 19.3" W x 6.7" D, 61.6 lbs.
  • Large: 27.6" H x 22.8" W x 6" D, 99 lbs.
  • Concrete, glass, stainless steel
  • Designer: Sebastian D. Büscher


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