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Kishu Binchotan is a stick of White Charcoal. This is the highest grade of charcoal available with an extremely high carbon content. White Charcoal gets its unlikely name from the manufacturing process it goes through. The raw material is a particularly hard Japanese oak called Holm oak that grows in the mountain forests of the Kishu area in Japan where it is organically produced and handcrafted using ancient craft traditions. 

Kishu Binchotan naturally turns any tap water into mineral water by releasing minerals, such as potassium and manganese, into the water at the same time as it absorbs chlorine (by up to 75%), softening it and improving its taste. Kishu Binchotan can be bought to replace used White Charcoal in the Bincho or can be used with any container (up to 2 litres) of your choice.

To use, rinse the Binchotan under running cold water, and then sterilize it by boiling for five minutes to remove possible ash residues. Take it off the heat, drain the water and let the Binchotan dry and cool in the pot. The Binchotan is now ready to use.

Fill a bottle with tap water and slide the Binchotan into it, holding the bottle almost horizontally in order to avoid breaking the Binchotan. Refrigerate Bincho for a minimum of two hours before serving.  After that, your purer, better-tasting water is ready to be enjoyed! Refill the bottle with tap water whenever you need to. Kishu Binchotan must be left in the water for two hours each time to purify the water efficiently. It is recommended to boil the Binchotan for one minute, once a week, to refresh it and optimise its absorbency.

You can dry and store the Binchotan in a container when it is not in use. The Binchotan is effective for one month of daily use. After one month (or when it develops a dull, greyish, surface), it is time to replace it with a new, mineral-rich Binchotan. If your Binchotan breaks, it does not loose its ability to purify. A used Binchotan makes an excellent fertiliser; just crush it and mix with potting soil where it will add nourishment and regulate PH level.

  • Dimensions: approximately 7″ long x 1″ diameter


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