Jewelry Flacon Low by Louise Christ


Louise Christ

A simple design that combines the feminine with a self-evident functionality and graces what is already beautiful.

Store your important jewelry in MENUs Jewelry Flacon, which with its lined interior protects your earrings, necklaces and pendants, while rings and bracelets can be hung on top. The jewelry flacon is simple functionality that brings aesthetics to storage.

Bathrooms often become burdened with an abundance of beauty products, colorful nail polishes, scented creams and attractive perfume flacons, like a still-life picture symbolizing the modern woman. But humankind has always found expression in its appearance, through all ages and in all cultures. Some do so solely to appear more attractive, while others use jewelry, tattoos, piercing and make-up as a statement.

Hair, make-up and jewelry all contribute to expressing the wearers identity, and items of jewelry can have a history of their own. A ring can mean a lot if it is from a loved one, an inheritance or bought as a memento of a journey. Therefore jewelry is to be worn and seen – and, of course, looked after when it is not being used.

The jewelry flacon, designed by Louise Christ, is available in two different designs (low and high), both in polished aluminium and with a silicone-lined interior to protect your jewelry.
  • H 5 inch, W 5 in
  • Aluminum, silicone
  • Designer: Louise Christ


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