Binchotan Necklace (Full)


Sort Of Coal

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Binchotan Jewelry is not only beautiful, it has some great additional benefits. It is believed that wearing Binchotan next to the skin aids good blood circulation, regulates body temperature and improves moods.

The Binchotan Jewelry is made from the finest, hardest White Charcoal. White Charcoal is the highest grade of charcoal available with an extremely high carbon content and gets its unlikely name from the manufacturing process it goes through. The surfaces of the beads have a naturally smooth finish and a precious shine. Up close, the fine lines of the wood can still be seen. The raw material is from Japanese oak and the Binchotan Jewelry is handmade in Korea.

The beads are on a string that can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist or neck size. The surface of the beads may change over time, gaining a unique patina. You can keep your Binchotan Jewelry on under the shower, when you do the dishes or when you swim in the ocean – this will not harm the beads but the string might need to be replaced after time.


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