Binchotan Dai


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Binchotan Dai is a section of White Charcoal that has been preserved in its entirety due to its beautiful shape. The sculpture will freshen the air, absorb odors and regulate humidity, bestowing positive effects on your environment and well-being.

This is the highest grade of charcoal available, with an extremely high carbon content. White Charcoal gets its unlikely name from the manufacturing process it goes through. Binchotan Dais are plucked from the kiln during the baking process because of their beautiful shape. The raw material is Holm oak from the mountain forests of Kishu area in Japan, where Binchotan Dais are organically produced and handcrafted.

The Binchotan Dai can be displayed anywhere in your interior; vertically or horizontally, on the floor, on a tabletop, or even in a window. A Binchotan Dai remains active for decades; if you do wish to dispose of it, it makes an excellent fertilizer. Just crush it and mix with potting soil in order to nourish it and regulate its PH level.

Each Binchotan Dai is unique and its size can vary from 20-36″.


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